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We upholster all types of handcrafted furniture

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We upholster handcrafted furniture with impeccable finishes.

Thanks to our extensive experience with all types of furniture we create unique pieces with an distinctive style.

We upholster any piece of furniture with materials that adapt to our clients chosen style for their home or garden.

Our products are a unique work of art elaborated by the hands of the best professionals. Our designs greatest value is that they are unique, they are one-of-a-kind because they have been manufactured specifically for a particular house with a specific style.

In this era of mass production of interior decorative elements its a luxury to own unique furniture that you have carefully chosen.

We upholster armchairs, sofas, headboards, walls or ceilings. We can create the atmosphere you desire with upholstered furniture with the best materials in the international market.

Love color. Take risks. Be curious.

– Kelly Wearstler

A designer is a planner with a good sense of taste.

– Bruno Murani


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We upholster sofas, armchairs, headboards and chairs with the best brands in the market using a careful handcrafted process.

Your furniture can be brought back to life in the best possible way by upholstering it and creating a new, contemporary product with an impeccable finish.






Bed Headboards




Handcrafted furniture

In Andaluza de Tapicería we raise the quality of our products to the highest standards thanks to our professionals with many years of experience.

Believe in us and gain authentic works of art made by the hands of the best upholsterers.

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